Asian Eyelid Surgery Details

Asian (Eyelid Surgery) Blepharoplasty Details

Dr. V understands that all eyes are not created equal and there are numerous differences between Caucasian and Asian eyes.  Asian Eyelid surgery, also known as Asian blepharoplasty or eyelid westernization surgery, requires a thorough understanding of the Asian eyelid anatomy and Asian face.  She is committed to using her expertise in eyelid surgery to provide Asian patients with naturally appearing eyelids.   Beginning with the unseen muscular and underlying tissue differences, Asian eyes also have increased fat content and somewhat thicker skin.  Often the crease of the upper eyelids is incomplete or non-existent, allowing the skin to hang over the lashes and conceal much of the eye.  This is known as “sleepy eyes” and Dr. V can correct this condition by opening up the eyes.  Some patients also suffer from a large fold in the inner segment of the eye that can make their eyes look far apart giving a “cross-eyed” appearance, This disorder too can be corrected by opening up the inner corner of the eye and removing a wedge of skin.

The Procedure

Asian Eyelid Surgery can alter the shape or height of the upper and lower eyelid, thin a full eyelid, decrease the flap of tissue on the nasal side of the eyelid known as the epicanthal fold, or create a natural crease in a “double eyelid”.   Up to 70% of the Asian population are born with what is called a “single eyelid” on each eye and this means that their eyelids lack a visibly significant crease, which creates what is known as a “double eyelid.”  The majority who are born with single eyelids have less than a 1mm distance between where the eyelashes end and the eyelid begins and in a double eyelid, this distance can be as high as 10mm above the lash line.  This is why Asian individuals often seek the “double eyelid fold” procedure, which gives the upper eyelid a visible crease when the eye is open. This change to the upper eyelid makes it easier to apply makeup and is considered to be a desirable aesthetic appearance in many Asian cultures.

Dr. V employs different techniques for Asian Eyelid surgery depending on your eyelid anatomy and overall expectations.  Thin lids can be treated with a minimal incision technique that has the advantage of almost no visible scarring and thicker lids, or lids with excess skin and fat, require larger incisions.  When an Asian Eyelid surgery is performed alone and not in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures, it is generally completed with sedation and local anesthesia.  An incisional approach is implemented for double eyelid surgery and for lower eyelid surgery, a transconjunctival or minimally invasive approach is possible and Dr. V may be able to employ a non-incisional method using permanent sutures.  Incisions and sutures are carefully placed to minimize visible scarring.

The Asian Eyelid Surgery Techniques

The three main techniques Dr. V uses to perform Asian Eyelid surgery include:

  • In the first type, Dr. V will make a full incision across your upper eyelid.  This technique is minimally noticeable after you heal but it requires the most recovery time.  Typically, patients start to heal within two weeks with complete recovery taking 3-6 months.
  • In the second procedure, Dr. V will pass sutures back and forth through your eyelid without making an incision. This technique has the advantage of immediate recovery with no visible scar.  One disadvantage is that this technique is susceptible to reversing and sutures can sometimes erode under your eyelid causing inflammation.
  • In the third method, Dr. V will make several small incisions along your eyelid.  This technique has the advantage of being able to remove fat while leaving a barely visible scar.  The recovery for this procedure is typically within one week and the external sutures will dissolve naturally.

Recovering From Asian Eyelid Surgery

After your Asian Eyelid surgery, your eye area may be bruised and swollen for approximately two weeks. During your healing process, you will be advised to keep your head up and place cold compresses on your eyes periodically.  Antibiotic eye drops are generally prescribed for several days and if you wear contact lenses, you will be instructed not to wear them for two weeks.  Make-up may be worn after ten days and the resulting thin scars, which will follow the natural contour of your eyelids, should fade within two months.

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