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Types of Browlift Surgery

There is not just one type of brow lift as a variety of surgical options for this procedure are currently available. Distinguishing which method is right for you is crucial and that is why you can feel confident knowing that Dr. V has the expertise and training necessary to properly evaluate the best solution. During your consultation, she will give very careful consideration to matching the appropriate brow lift technique to your individual needs. Dr. V and her dedicated staff understand that a satisfying and successful experience at The Virginia Institute comes from open communication and trust between a patient and their doctor. When you meet Dr. V, her compassionate nature will immediately put you at ease allowing you to concentrate on your procedure and recovery while achieving your aesthetic goals.

Dr. V performs customized brow lift surgeries by raising your brow, repositioning the tissue that has dropped, and modifying the muscle function that is responsible for your wrinkles and lines. Dr. V uses different angles to adjust your brow and this enables her to manage the position perfectly and precisely. With this method, she can improve the shape of low eyebrows, correct asymmetric eyebrows, or treat drooping foreheads.

The main difference between brow lift options is the placement of the incision.

The Coronal Browlift:  The coronal incision which is the traditional method, is made behind the natural hairline. The pretrichial incision is similar to the coronal incision except that the mid-portion of the incision is made directly at the hairline. During the pretrichial procedure, once the entire forehead and brows are lifted the excess skin is measured and excised resulting in a longer forehead and brow. This incision generally heals favorably but the disadvantage is that there could be noticeable scarring.

Endoscopic Browlift:  The newest approach to brow lifts is endoscopic surgery and this minimally invasive procedure is performed through tiny incisions hidden above your hairline. Endoscopy is a surgical technique that involves the use of an endoscope, which is a special viewing instrument that allows Dr. V to see images of your body’s internal structures. The endoscope helps guide Dr. V in removing the muscles that produce frown lines and although this technique may require more surgery time, it is less invasive and results in a smaller chance of scarring. The endoscopic brow lift procedure takes between one to two hours to perform and it is most commonly performed under IV sedation or twilight anesthesia. Recovery is typically quick and most patients resume their normal activities within two weeks. Results of the endoscopic brow lift technique are long lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and natural-looking with no alteration to your hairline. For this reason, it is Dr. V’s procedure of choice for the majority of her patients seeking forehead rejuvenation.

Recovering From a Browlift

Following your brow lift surgery, Dr. V and her professional staff at The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts will provide you with special aftercare instructions in order to alleviate any discomfort you may have. If you adhere to the instructions provided, your healing process will progress much quicker and the likelihood of any complications will be reduced. Results are immediately visible and the general appearance of your brow lift surgery will last for years: sometimes even a lifetime.

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