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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Before After Photos Fairfax  Virginia Vision is a gift that we often take for granted throughout life. However, eyes are one of the first features to be affected by the process of aging. This is because the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and thin and tends to wrinkle and sag more quickly than other parts of the body. In many cases this adversely affects both vision and appearance. Droopy eyelids or loose skin around the eye instantly adds years to an otherwise youthful looking face. Crow’s feet, wrinkles and loose skin are difficult to conceal and can lead to loss of confidence. While the aging process cannot be reversed, today through plastic surgery it is possible to regain the magic of youth through safe surgical procedures performed by experts.

Benefits of blepharoplasty

Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with an extensive experience in performing among others, eyelid surgery which is also known as blepharoplasty. She practices in Northern Virginia, Loudoun County, Fairfax, Chantilly, Prince William, Fauquier, Manassas, Arlington, Middleburg, Leesburg, Warrenton and surrounding areas. Blepharoplasty is aimed at the removal of the excess skin and fat surrounding the eye. It eliminates the puffy bags under the eye and reduces the droopiness of the upper eyelid that gives the eyes a radiant, youthful and healthier look.

There are many different ways in which Blepharoplasty can be conducted. The route that is finally chosen depends on your unique requirements and the expertise of your chosen specialist surgeon. Dr Trang Vo-Nguyen or Dr V as she is better known has a long list of satisfied and happy patients to her credit. She can even show you some before and after pictures of the surgery to help you get a clear idea of the results.

How blepharoplasty works

The effects of Blepharoplasty are designed to last for up to ten years. Blepharoplasty is a delicate procedure that leaves no marks or scars on the skin. It is very effective as a youth enhancer that works to protect your vision from ill-effects that can come from droopy and loose skin on the eyelid. The skin around the eye is remodeled or removed in such a way that it blends into the crease of the eyelid for a completely natural look. Blepharoplasty is in fact an effective method to get rid of scars or marks around the eye or the eyelid. Blepharoplasty has the power to reacquaint you with your youth and give you a rejuvenated appearance. As a result, it works wonders for your confidence.

Dr V has a patient centric approach and is cognizant of the anxieties of an individual considering eyelid surgery. It is not an easy decision than can be taken lightly and it is a good idea to speak with your doctor in detail about it. If you would like to connect with Dr. V or have any questions relating to the procedure please do not hesitate to contact her at any of her facilities.

For more infomation please contact Dr. V. Dr. Trang Thuy Vo-Nguyen, known to her patients as “Dr. V,” is a board certified facial plastic surgeon providing the latest surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures in Northern Virginia, Leesburg, Loudoun, Fairfax, Warrenton, Fauquier, Arlington, Manassas, Middleburg, Prince William, and other areas.

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