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Northern VA, Fairfax, Loundoun Eyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty CostEyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is mainly done for cosmetic purposes but in many cases, people undergo eyelid surgery is used to correct congenital disorders and symptoms like weakened eyelids. In the expert and able hands of Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen, the level of risks drop dramatically. This is why Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen is so popular in places where he offers eyelid surgery procedures such as in Chantilly, Northern Virginia, Loudoun County, Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, Arlington, Middleburg, Leesburg, Manassas and Warrenton.

Cost of the surgery

Eyelid surgery is one of the less expensive plastic surgery procedures of the face. In the US, the procedure can cost about $2,900 but this also depends on the doctor and hospital that you are being treated at. Anesthesia, post-op procedures, operating facilities and so on can all change the cost of the eyelid surgery procedure. Make sure to ask your doctor for financing options that are available before you can undergo the procedure so that you can be sure of the different options and what is right for you.

In most cases, your bill for your eyelid surgery procedure will include the surgeon or doctor’s fee, hospital or clinic charges for the facilities provided, cost of medications and prescriptions, fees for anesthesia administered and the cost of carious medical tests. Be aware that most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures so you need to be prepared to shell out the money yourself.

Before you can get on with blepharoplasty, you need to know the risks associated with it. The surgery is invasive and does cost quite a bit of money – especially without insurance, and knowing the risks will help you better prepare.

Risks with blepharoplasty

All good plastic surgeons like Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen will explain the risks of the surgery beforehand so that you can make an informed decision. First and foremost, there is always a risk of infection at the site of the surgery. Other possible complication includes scarring, bleeding and even the formation of blood clots. All this can be avoided by having eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty at the hands of a good plastic surgeon. You should keep in mind that scarring can be permanent in some people. A small percentage of the population suffer from keloids and the risk of scarring from eyelid surgery is much higher in such people.

Some people who have had this surgery have also complained of complications like fluid accumulation near the site of surgery, numbness, peculiar sensations on the skin and swelling. Sometimes these side effects can occur but they disappear quickly and leave no lasting effects or these complications can be cured with proper measures suggested by your plastic surgeon.

A very small number of patients have also found that their eyelids have rolled outwards, known as Ectropion, after undergoing eyelid surgery. As with any surgery, complications can also arise from the anaesthesia being used so you need to ensure that you are being assigned the best anaesthesiologist to eliminate such complications.

For more infomation please contact Dr. V. Dr. Trang Thuy Vo-Nguyen, known to her patients as “Dr. V,” is a board certified facial plastic surgeon providing the latest surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures in Northern Virginia, Leesburg, Loudoun, Fairfax, Warrenton, Fauquier, Arlington, Manassas, Middleburg, Prince William, and other areas.

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