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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Recovery Northern Virginia | FairfaxEyelid surgery refers to the process of removal of loose or saggy skin around the eye. The beauty of the eyes often starts to lose its charm as one starts to age. This aging process causes lose folds of skin that make the eye appear droopy and heavy-lidded. In extreme cases these loose folds of skin can even impair vision. Thankfully, due to the latest medical advancements made in the field of plastic surgery, it is possible to successfully remove the excess skin or fat from the eyelids through eyelid surgery called blepharoplasty.

Is blepharoplasty right for you?

If you desire a youthful appearance for your eyes, Eyelid surgery can be a blessing for you. It works not only to provide a rejuvenated look to your eyes but is also helpful to protect your vision from the ill-effects of loose and saggy skin on the eyelid or around the eye. Blepharoplasty  is also commonly referred to as eyelift surgery. This surgery does not lift but rather removes unwanted skin from around the eye.

Under the expertise of Dr Trang Vo-Nguyen fondly referred to as Dr.V, this surgical option can provide a new life to droopy and saggy eyelids, rendering a fresh and youthful look. Dr V is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with vast surgical experience. Her services can be availed at multiple locations including Chantilly, Loudoun County, Prince William, Leesberg, Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Fauquier, Arlington, Middleburg, Leesburg, Manassas, and Warrenton. If you are looking for relief from droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes, wrinkles and crow’s feet then blepharoplasty  is the right option for you.

The road to recovery

The popularity of blepharoplasty is mainly because of its short recovery time. Most patients ease back into their routine seven to ten days post the surgery. Initially, in some cases, swelling, bruising, irritation and dryness may be observed. Ointments and medications will be prescribed to treat the same.

The results will be visible after several weeks, but it may take up to a year for the incisions to fade out completely. While blepharoplasty vouches for the removal of certain conditions permanently, aging is  is inevitable. Life-long sun protection is necessary to maintain the results of the surgery.

Opting for any kind of facial surgery is an important decision and not one that can be taken lightly. It is therefore, necessary to find a surgeon you can trust and share your anxieties with. It is a good idea to  get relevant information on the procedure before you make the final decision to go in for blepharoplasty . Dr. V has extensive experience in this area and is very sensitive to the many apprehensions of a patient and elicits confidence in her patients.

For any further or questions and information you may get in touch with Dr Trang Vo-Nguyen practicing at the Virginia Institute of Surgical Arts who is available to her patients in various locations including including Chantilly, Loudoun County, Northern Virginia, Prince William, Fairfax, Fauquier, Arlington, , Leesburg, Middleburg, Manassas, and Warrenton and surrounding areas.

For more infomation please contact Dr. V. Dr. Trang Thuy Vo-Nguyen, known to her patients as “Dr. V,” is a board certified facial plastic surgeon providing the latest surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures in Northern Virginia, Leesburg, Loudoun, Fairfax, Warrenton, Fauquier, Arlington, Manassas, Middleburg, Prince William, and other areas.

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