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A smooth and clear complexion has a huge impact on your overall appearance because healthy skin can help you feel more youthful while enhancing your self-confidence.  Your skin is a reflection of your internal body and taking care of your skin will address premature aging and help you avoid permanent damage.  Although aging is a natural part of life, environmental free radicals, sun exposure, hormones, genetics, and high stress levels all play a crucial role in how quickly your skin ages.  At The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts, located in Chantilly, Virginia, we can slow down the aging process as well as reverse some of the age related signs you are experiencing by providing you with a medically proven balance of professionally proven skin care products.  To maintain and improve your skin’s health, an effective regime must contain the fundamental elements of prevention, protection, and correction.  Our advanced skin care products and clinical treatments are designed to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin, and to correct previous damage.

Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen M.D., known as Dr. V to her patients, is excited and proud to offer the mybody™ skincare system; founded on the concept that when the body and mind are healthy: no matter your age, your skin will act and look younger.  mybody™ is described as “a true breakthrough in medical skincare” and these superior products are designed to rejuvenate the skin through safe, gentle, and FDA-approved ingredients available only from a doctor.  mybody® skin care’s goal is to ultimately achieve and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime.  To achieve this goal, each specific product works around the clock to reprogram your skin from within while correcting the unwanted skin conditions that negatively affect your outer appearance.  mybody® Skin Care products are a combination of the best of science and nature that specializes in Biomimicry, which is the science of adapting biological concepts from nature into technical applications that can be applied to “what happens naturally in the body but has been diminished with age.”

mybody® Skin Care Customized Plan

myBody™ products can be used on any skin type or condition and their wide range of products allows each patient to develop a personalized regimen to produce the best possible results to meet their individual needs.  Your customized plan will be based on your skin type and the concerns you want to target including: fine lines, rough texture, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, lackluster skin, excessive dryness, redness, acne, under eye circles, puffy eyes, and crow’s feet.  mybody® Skin Care products use a non-paraben preservative system with no artificial dyes and consists of natural ingredients that the body can process naturally including topical probiotics (friendly microorganisms for stimulation of the immune system and promotion of healing), peptides (influence gene expression), bioemulsions (superior spreadability, penetration, and elegant texture), fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins from plants rather than humans or animals.

A Unique Approach to Skin Care

At The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts, hundreds of customers entrust Dr. V to help them care for their skin and they expect and deserve the highest quality of standards in aesthetic technology and development that she provides to everyone who enters her doors.   Your skin is your largest organ and since it makes up most of your body, if you are bothered by the way it looks, mybody® Skin Care products offer a unique approach and solution to all of your skin care needs.  At The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts, Dr. V will design a skin care program specifically for you and mybody® Skin Care will work all day, every day to reprogram your skin and help eliminate any unwanted skin conditions whether it be acne, dry or hyperpigmented skin, or you just want to keep your skin looking fresh and young.  Dr. V offers top-quality skincare products that you can purchase at The Virginia Institute of Surgical Arts and if you feel mybody™ Skincare Products may be right for you or you want to learn more about mybody™ Skincare Products or any of the other procedures that Dr. V offers please call today.

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