Drooping Eyelid Ptosis Treatment without Surgery

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Drooping Eyelid Ptosis Treatment without Surgery

shutterstock_64257811Drooping eyelid or ptosis condition can cause hooding of the upper lids. While eyelid surgery remains the most effective solution to correct this problem, some patients want to avoid surgery because of the associated risks, time and costs involved. Non-surgical or minimally invasive treatment may be performed in such cases to offer a viable alternative to surgery.

Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen (Dr. V) is a board certified facial plastic surgeon providing both surgical and non-surgical treatments for drooping eyelid or ptosis condition. Dr. V provides these procedures to patients in Chantilly, Northern Virginia, Loudoun County, Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, Arlington, Middleburg, Leesburg, Manassas, Warrenton, and surrounding locations.

10-Minute Eye Lift

A unique 10-minute eye lift technique may be used to address a drooping upper eyelid condition in a minimally invasive way. The procedure is quite simple and effective. The redundant part of the underside of the hooded area of the upper lid, which is hidden from view, is first marked and then injected with a small amount of a local anesthetic.

Thereafter, the surgeon will run a heated probe along the marked sites until visible retraction and shrinkage of the hooding is seen, and the underlying upper lid structure becomes adequately visible. Once this is achieved, the resulting thin wound is covered with an ointment to allow for spontaneous healing.

Both upper lids can be treated with this technique, and each will take about five minutes to complete. Therefore, the procedure is popularly called 10-minute eye lift. The patient may choose to rest for a day after the procedure, but most patients typically resume their normal routine immediately.

Mild tenderness, swelling and a small amount of drainage and scabbing along the treatment line are expected to occur. These can simply be treated by cleaning and applying a common skin lubricant or an antibiotic ointment. In about a week to 10 days, the wound will heal completely. A thin, linear scar will eventually occur, which will remain hidden beneath the now tightened and less droopy upper lid.

Accomplished facial plastic surgeon Dr. V receives patients from Chantilly, Northern Virginia, Loudoun County, Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, Arlington, Middleburg, Leesburg, Manassas, Warrenton, and nearby areas for non-surgical eyelid drooping treatments.

Other Treatment Options

Certain prescription eye drops are available, which can serve as a temporary solution to address the condition of ptosis. The effect of the treatment can last for about eight hours, and can be repeated for maintain the look. Botox may be used in some cases to treat the muscle that is causing the eyelids to close. It can allow the counter acting muscles to become more forceful, thereby providing a subtle eye lift.

Multiple types of laser treatments may be used to make the upper lid skin as well as the underlying tissue tighter. Wrinkles around the eyelids and crow’s feet can also be mitigated with gentle and precise laser treatments. Dermal filler injections may be applied in some cases where the brow is low and is causing excess skin on the upper eyelid.

For more infomation please contact Dr. V. Dr. Trang Thuy Vo-Nguyen, known to her patients as “Dr. V,” is a board certified facial plastic surgeon providing the latest surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures in Northern Virginia, Leesburg, Loudoun, Fairfax, Warrenton, Fauquier, Arlington, Manassas, Middleburg, Prince William, and other areas. https://drvfacialplastics.com/contact-us/

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