Asian Rhinoplasty Details

The Asian Nose

The Asian nose is flatter, wider, and has less tip definition than a Caucasian nose.  Usually, Asian Rhinoplasty requires augmentation to make the nose more prominent while Caucasian Rhinoplasty involves making the nose smaller or removing a hump.  As with other types of surgery performed on Asians, such as Asian Eyelid Surgery, a successful outcome must be consistent with the patient’s ethnic identity.  For this reason, Dr. V’s commitment is to contour a nose that is compatible with the Asian face instead of creating an attractive Caucasian nose on an Asian face.

The Asian Rhinoplasty Procedure

Like other forms of rhinoplasty, the Asian rhinoplasty procedure involves removing or reshaping the cartilage and bone beneath your skin.  In some cases, cartilage grafts are added to enhance overall appearance and the changes may be subtle or dramatic, depending on the outcome you desire.  Common techniques used in Ethnic Rhinoplasty include augmentation (building up) of the nasal bridge, lengthening and refining the tip of the nose, and narrowing the base of the nostrils.

Because the bones are not usually fractured as part of an Asian rhinoplasty, the anesthesia used is IV sedation or “twilight anesthesia”.  The procedure takes between 1-2 hours depending on the amount of work to be performed and all incisions are made internally so there are no visible scars.  Occasionally, it may be necessary to make an incision at the base of the nostrils however this incision is carefully hidden.  Most patients return to work in approximately one week and by the third week, you will be allowed to resume your normal activities.  Although you will see immediate improvement, the shape and size of your nose will continue to refine for 12-18 months after your treatment.  Like all surgery, rhinoplasty has certain risks including infection, bleeding, and reaction to anesthesia.


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