Otoplasty Northern Virginia | Fairfax | Loundon VA Plastic SurgeonEar contouring (otoplasty) is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the ears, thereby improving the symmetry, balance, and aesthetic appeal of the entire face.  Both children and adults are prospective candidates for ear contouring surgery, although children should be at least 4-6 years old at the time of surgery in order to ensure that the structures of the ear have completely formed.

Otoplasty procedures can be performed to address a number of aesthetic problems stemming from congenital or injury-related structural abnormalities that have impacted one or both ears, such as:

  • Misshapen ear cartilage
  • Overly large ears (macrotia)
  • Protruding ears—ear protrusion may present unilaterally (one ear) or bilaterally (both ears)
  • Ear deformities resulting from trauma, injury, or genetics
  • Ear malformations caused by a previous ear surgery

At The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts, located in Chantilly, Virginia, esteemed facial plastic surgeon Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen (Dr. V) is pleased to offer otoplasty surgery as an effective treatment option for patients seeking to correct ear-related aesthetic issues. When performing ear contouring surgery, Dr. V employs her vast facial surgery skill set to create naturally beautiful otoplasty results that bring the shape and size of the ears back into a harmonious balance with the rest of the face.


Your otoplasty procedure will be performed in an outpatient setting, under a local anesthetic, IV sedation, or general anesthesia, and typically lasts between 1-2 hours.  During your surgery, Dr. V will utilize a combination of cartilage scoring (cutting) and cartilage sparing techniques to reshape and reposition the ear cartilage, taking great care to ensure that the final outcome is very natural and avoids the tell-tale “pinned back” appearance. She will make small, inconspicuous incisions within the crease behind the ear, and will then use sutures to fold the ear cartilage back to a more aesthetically desirable position. When necessary, Dr. V will fortify the antihelical fold (located on the inner rim of the ear), and will carefully remove any excess conchal cartilage and skin before closing the incisions.


While every individual recovers at a unique pace, most patients are able to return to work or school 1-2 weeks after their otoplasty procedure, although it is advisable to refrain from intense physical activity for an additional 4-6 weeks. Dr. V will prescribe pain medication to alleviate any discomfort, in addition to an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. The original surgical dressing should remain in place for 24-36 hours after surgery—children may need to be monitored during this time to ensure that the dressing is not removed.  Visible improvements in the shape and position of the ears will be apparent at the one-week follow-up appointment, and these results will continue to progress over the next four to six weeks, as any residual swelling abates.


In order to ensure that you achieve optimal results from your otoplasty procedure, it is important that you select a physician with a strong working knowledge of facial anatomy and the intricate structures of the ear, such as Dr. Trang Thuy Vo-Nguyen (Dr. V). Dr. V has the background, clinical experience, and surgical skill-set to create customized treatment plans that are designed to safely and effectively enhance the appearance of your ears with otoplasty surgery.

Dr. V is double board certified in the field of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and through her extensive training, research, and achievements, she has built a reputation as one of the leading facial plastic surgeons in the nation.  If you are interested in learning more about having your otoplasty surgery performed by Dr. V, please contact The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. V.

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