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Facial Fat Transfers Northern Virginia | Fairfax | Loundon VA Plastic SurgeonThe tissues that lie beneath the surface of the skin play a crucial role in giving the skin its youthfully smooth, healthy appearance. As aging progresses, these tissues begin to break down, leading to a significant increase in the prominence of facial lines, creases and wrinkles (i.e. crow’s feet, laugh lines, and marionette lines). Facial tissue breakdown is also associated with an overall reduction in facial volume, which can cause the face to appear tired, hollow, and aged.

Fortunately, there is a minimally invasive solution to serve as a countermeasure to these visible signs of aging. Facial fat transfers are designed to boost facial volume and to fill in the creases, wrinkles and folds that develop with age, thereby rejuvenating the overall facial appearance and creating a more youthfully smooth visage.

Although facial fat transfer is a minimally invasive treatment, inaccurate injection techniques may lead to a number of cosmetic problems that can be difficult to correct. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that this procedure be performed by an experienced physician with in-depth knowledge of the delicate facial structures and skin composition, such as Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen (Dr. V), highly respected facial plastic surgeon at the Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts, located in Chantilly, VA.

In Dr. V’s capable hands, you can rest easy knowing that your facial fat transfer procedure has been customized to fulfill your unique aesthetic goals, and that you will be able to safely restore a naturally full, youthful facial appearance without the extensive recovery period necessitated by more invasive facial rejuvenation procedures.

Dr. V frequently performs facial fat transfer procedures for patients seeking to:

  • Restore fullness to depleted facial areas, such as the cheeks, lips and temples
  • Diminish the appearance of prominent lines between the nose and mouth
  • Minimize the appearance of forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet (fine lines around the eye region)


Facial fat transfer can safely be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.  This minimally-invasive procedure results in only minor discomfort and does not require a significant post-procedural recovery period, making it a convenient and effective facial rejuvenation option for patients with busy schedules.

During your facial fat transfer procedure, Dr. V will harvest excess fat from a donor site (typically the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs) using a small, sterile cannula to minimize incisions and scarring.  She will then spin the harvested fat in a centrifuge to sterilize it and remove any impurities before placing it in a state-of-the-art micro-syringe to ready it for injection at the transfer site.  The use of a micro-syringe enables Dr. V to deposit the transplanted fat in extremely small quantities, thereby ensuring smooth distribution in the facial area and increasing the chances that the transplanted fat will become part of the existing tissue. Following your fat transfer procedure, you will notice immediate results that will continue to improve over the next 2-3 weeks, as any residual swelling subsides.


At the Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts, located in Chantilly, Virginia, Dr. V has the background, experience, and clinical skill-set to ensure that her patients achieve optimal results from their facial fat transfer procedures. Dr. V is double board certified in the field of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and through her extensive training, experience, and achievements, she has built a reputation as one of the leading facial plastic surgeons in the nation.  If you are interested in learning more about our facial fat transfer treatment options, please contact The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. V.

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