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Surgery of The Asian Eyelid (Blepharoplasty)

Asian Eyelid Surgery | Blepharoplasty Surgeon Northern Virginia | Fairfax | Loudoun | Fauquier Until a few years ago, cosmetic surgery procedures revolved around Caucasian features but with the increase of the Asian population in the United States, fortunately aesthetic standards have changed.  Today, many Asian patients are looking for cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance without altering their ethnic identity and procedures that fall into this category are known as Ethnic surgery.  From her state-of-the-art facility, The Virginia Institute, Ethnic surgery is one of Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen  (Dr. V) specialties and she has helped patients in the Virginia area and around the world achieve a more attractive look without compromising their heritage.  Dr. V has the technical expertise and artistic skill required to make aesthetic changes and one of the most popular procedures she performs is the Asian Eyelid surgery.

Every year, thousands of Asian women and men choose eyelid surgery to help restore a more youthful appearance.  Asian Eyelid surgery is the most common elective procedure among people of Asian ethnicity in the United States and in Asia.  Although people choose to undergo eyelid surgery for many reasons, a common misconception is that Asian Eyelid surgeries are performed in an attempt to make the patient look “less Asian”.  Nothing could be further from the truth however as typically the overall goal of Asian Eyelid surgery is to help the patient look and feel their best by changing the eyelid to balance their facial features.  The Asian eyelid is different from the Caucasian eyelid in many ways and that is why Asian Eyelid surgery is so unique.  One of the most frequent mistakes that plastic surgeons make when performing an Asian Eyelid surgery is trying to  “Americanize” or “Europeanize” the eyelids which results in a very unnatural appearance.

Although your surgical outcome will depend on the extent of the correction or corrections you need, after Dr. V performs Asian Eyelid Surgery, her patients are very satisfied with their results.  So as not to mar the natural beauty of the Asian eye, surgery requires delicate finesse and that is why you should entrust your operation to Dr. V.  She is well versed in Asian eyelid surgery so if you are unhappy with the way your eyes look and you want to change their appearance, we encourage you to call The Virginia Institute and let us schedule your consultation.  Dr. V is an experienced and artful surgeon of the eyelids so if you are Asian and you are considering eyelid surgery, talk to her today to get a better understanding of how ethnic surgery can help you look more attractive without forgetting your ethnic roots.

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