Skin & Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Botox | Juvederm | Chantilly | Loudoun | Fairfax | Northern Virginia  Cosmetic procedures are non-surgical minimally invasive solutions that address many of your aesthetic concerns. Under the direction of Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen (Dr. V) at The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts, our goal is to help you attain harmony between your inner and outer beauty. To accomplish this, Dr. V routinely performs all aspects of non-surgical procedures to enhance your appearance. Whether you want to minimize your wrinkles, improve years of sun damage, plump your lips, clear up your acne, remove unwanted vessels, or achieve more youthful skin, non-surgical procedures will give you satisfying results with little recovery and downtime. At The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts, Dr. V and her professional medical team are anxious to help you determine which treatment will best suit your individual needs.

Some of the procedures we offer at The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts include:

Although non-surgical procedures are not as complicated as surgical procedures, any aesthetic procedure should involve careful consideration. Dr. V believes that her patients should be well informed before choosing a non-surgical procedure and that is why she encourages your questions and concerns. A Board Certified plastic surgeon is the most qualified medical professional available to help you understand your options and Dr. V will listen to your goals, answer your questions, evaluate your situation, and propose a resolution to improve your appearance. With the help of Dr. V, you may decide to have a single treatment or multiple procedures for a more comprehensive rejuvenation. Non-surgical treatments are ideal for patients who do not yet need facial plastic surgery but wish to improve their overall facial appearance. Non-surgical procedures are also used to provide comprehensive facial rejuvenation in combination with facelift and eyelid surgery.

If you are seeking a higher level of care in cosmetic non-surgical procedures, we invite you to contact The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts where medical expertise is joined with creativity. During your consultation, Dr. V will take the time to make sure you are completely informed about your options allowing you to leave feeling confident about the choices you have made. The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts is pleased to offer its patients the latest in nonsurgical cosmetic enhancement and we offer a wide range of skin care regimens and treatments to help you enjoy healthier skin and a beautiful complexion. Typically, non-surgical procedures take a short time to complete, they are affordable, and they require little or no recovery time. To learn more about the benefits of our cosmetic procedures, please contact us at The Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts today.

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