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Enhance Your Facial Aesthetics with Plastic Surgery in ChantillyThe Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts ranks among the most coveted centers for facial plastic surgery in Chantilly and Fairfax, VA. The Virginia Institute is headed by Dr. Trang Vo-Nguyen (Dr. V), who is one of the renowned plastic facial surgeons in Northern Virginia for facial plastic surgery. Dr. V provides personalized care and attention and nurtures a compassionate relationship with every patient.

The Virginia Institute offers some of the most advanced techniques and technologies to ensure optimal results. If you are looking for a facelift in Fairfax, Chantilly or surrounding communities, the Virginia Institute may be the right facility for your needs.

Benefits of a Facelift
As far as body aesthetics are concerned, your face is the most important part of your personality. However, the face is also more exposed than other body parts to the environment, gravitation forces and sun damage and may also be impacted by medical conditions, genetic factors and your everyday facial expressions. All these can cause your face to age. Your facial skin may start sagging and wrinkles may appear. This is where a facelift is the most certain, permanent and effective solution available to reduce the wrinkles and regain a youthful face.

A facelift can take several years off your face, which will not only make you look and feel more attractive and youthful, but will also improve your self-esteem. Most patients enjoy a more wholesome and successful personal and professional lives after a facelift. For facial plastic surgery in Chantilly and Fairfax, VA, the Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts is a state of the art facility led by Dr. V. Dr. V will closely related to your needs and desires with regard to a renewed look, and will provide a customized facelift treatment.

Why Choose Dr. V?
If you are in need for a facelift in Fairfax or Chantilly in Northern Virginia, you will be in safe hands if you opt for the procedure with Dr. V at the Virginia Institute for Surgical Arts. As a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. V has focused her expertise on facelifts, and has achieved amazing results for thousands of patients over her long and illustrious career. She is a renowned surgeon for correcting age-related changes in the face and neck.

Dr. V’s extensive training and experience in the field of cosmetic surgery and her specialized focus on facelift has made her a leader in this area of plastic surgery. She makes sure to remain constantly updated with the latest and most advanced facelift techniques, and employs them to the best advantage of her patients. She believes that a facelift is a combination of art and science, and she achieves that elusive balance between the two to produce safe and yet stunningly beautiful results for each patient.

Facelift Techniques
For facial plastic surgery in Chantilly, Fairfax and other nearby areas in Northern Virginia, many patients choose Dr. V because she is able to use the most appropriate facelift techniques in accordance with the specific needs of a patient. Traditional facelift techniques are still an effective way to remove excess skin and tissue from the face, but when it comes to approaching the deeper underlying tissue structures, innovative techniques must be employed for best results.

Two primary techniques for facelift in Fairfax and Chantilly, VA available at the Virginia Institute are listed as follows:

Traditional Technique
A traditional facelift technique can correct the following basic issues with your face:

  • Loose facial skin
  • Drooping jowl
  • Excess or displaced fat deposits
  • Wrinkles beneath lower eyelids
  • Sagging mid-face
  • Laugh lines
  • Excess skin around the chin or double chin

Endoscopic Technique
This advanced technique is minimally invasive and achieves the desired results without leaving any significant scars. The technique involves tiny incisions through which a miniature camera is inserted to help the surgeon make correct lifting of the cheeks and upper face. This technique can correct the following:

  • Drooping brow
  • Loose skin over the cheeks
  • Frown lines
  • Facial folds and creases
  • Smile lines
  • Sagging mid-face
  • Drooping jowl

Dr. V will evaluate the circumstances of a particular case before recommending the most appropriate facelift technique. In some cases, she may use a combination of the two techniques if it will produce a better outcome. Dr. V advises her patients that a facelift with primarily improve the lower half of the face and the mid-face. However, the upper face may require additional techniques such as eyelid surgery, brow lift, forehead lift, laser skin rejuvenation, or Botox injections. Facial plastic surgery in Chantilly and Fairfax, VA for all these procedures is available under a single roof at the Virginia Institute under the guidance and leadership of Dr. V.

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