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shutterstock_95613472Often referred to as a “microscopic facelift,” The Fraxel DUAL wavelength system builds upon the original patented fractional technology of the Fraxel Re:Store laser to allow practitioners to treat the deep and superficial layers of the skin simultaneously, without requiring the need for additional recovery time. The Fraxel DUAL treatment utilizes lasers operating at complementary frequencies to generate miniscule wounds in the skin’s dermis, which then initiates an internal healing response from the body, causing it to naturally produce collagen and elastin, the two primary components necessary for skin restoration and healing.

Fraxel DUAL laser system offers a number of new and advanced treatment benefits, including:

  • Provides more treatment options and better opportunities for treatment customization
  • Doctors can treat larger areas of the body or multiple regions of the body in one session
  • The procedure is more comfortable for patients
  • Length of treatment time is reduced
  • Pigment reduction results are visible more quickly

Because the Fraxel DUAL laser system offers the advantages of two lasers in one treatment, it is an excellent choice to treat a broad range of skin conditions and problems, and is effective for patients with mild or severe skin damage. The Fraxel DUAL laser is FDA-approved to treat a multitude of skin problems, including, but not limited to: periorbital wrinkles (wrinkles around the eyes), age spots, surgical scars, melasma (irregular patches of brown skin), actinic keratosis (precancerous lesions), acne scars, unwanted brown spots, pigmented lesions, and fine lines.

Another benefit of Fraxel DUAL is its ability to target and treat small areas of tissue without causing damage to the surrounding tissues, thereby minimizing recovery time, and allowing patients to resume their daily activities shortly after their treatment. Following the 15-30 minute treatment, patients may experience temporary after-effects such as a sun-burnt appearance, minor itching, dry skin, flaking, and skin peeling—all of which will subside in 2-3 days.

Although Fraxel DUAL’s skin-rejuvenating results will be visible after only one session, clinical studies recommend a treatment regimen of 3-5 sessions spaced approximately one month apart in order to achieve optimal and lasting skin-resurfacing effects.

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